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Ballroom Basics for Balance

Ballroom Basics for Balance is a class designed for seniors to maintain and improve their balance. Physical therapy students from the UW volunteer and it is usually about an equal number of students and seniors. The class run for 8 or 10 weeks, meeting once per week. I come in to photograph on the last session after they've learned all of the dances. Everyone dresses up and has a good time. [more]

Isthmus Instruments - Handpans

Jenny Robinson of Isthmus Instruments had me photograph the steps involved in making handpan drums. These beautiful instruments are made from low-carbon heat-treated steel that she presses, pounds, polishes and tunes in her eastside Madison workshop. [more]

Hot Potato Sweet Potato - Music Video

I had the opportunity to work on a music video for Ladyscissors with band member and directer, Stephanie Rearick. [more]

Spring Tech Kickoff

I was hired to photograph the 4th Annual Spring Tech Kickoff at the brand new Galaxie building on East Washington Ave. (So new that you can see the unfinished drywall in some of the photos.) [more]


Some Summer Summary - Photos

I got really busy with things and realized, all the sudden, that I haven't been posting any photos for awhile. So, this is a collection of images from the past couple of months -- musicians (Ladyscissors, Phox, Mary Bue, Stephanie Rearick, Ritt Deitz, VO5), arty shots, some family and portrait shots and a still from a music video I'm working on for Mary Bue. Here's Mary Bue's video for Veal: [more]

Mary Bue

Mary Bue

I've known Mary for a long long time. I know her as a musician (she plays at Mother Fool's) but she also is a yoga teacher and all around wonderful person. A person worth knowing! [more]

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