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Maternity - Kristin

Maternity - Kristin

So this was cool... My friend Kristin got pregnant last year and let me take lots of photos throughout the summer and fall. We walked a similar route each time and it was really great to see the seasons and flowers change as her body grew and changed. We did some funny shots but mostly we went for a classic, beautiful look. [more]

Odds and Ends

Here are some faves that I've been wanting to share. Most are from this year but a couple are older. It was a good first year as a photographer. I learned tons and had a lot of opportunities to really develop my skills. Huge thanks to everyone who let me take their picture this year and to all the teachers in my life - often one and the same. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2015! [more]

Monica Martin - Phox

Phox - Chicago - 10-22-14

A few weeks ago I got to ride along with Phox and photograph two private shows they had in Chicago. For those unfamiliar with them, they are a local band here in Madison that is doing really well. And they are really great people to spend a day with! [more]

Andy Ewen

Andy is one of my favorite musicians (in fact he inspired me to start playing electric guitar after seeing his band Honor Among Thieves in 1989.) I've known him a long time but we don't really hang out or anything. He has played many many times at Mother Fool's and I've seen him dozens of times elsewhere as well. So... [more]

Epic Family Shoot

Another great family shoot! This included a new challenge for me. Dogs. I've taken lots of pictures of dogs over time. Mainly family dogs - Snitzel and Isis. But I never attempted to include a dog in a family portrait! Until now. [more]

3 Generations

This was my first real family shoot. This was neat because it was three generations: Mother, daughter and grand-daughter. We met up at Tenney Park and spent about an hour and a half walking through the park and out onto the breakwater. It is so cool to meet people in this context and to be able to see the familial bonds. The light was beautiful and I'm really happy with how the photos turned out. [more]

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