Some Summer Summary - Photos

I got really busy with things and realized, all the sudden, that I haven't been posting any photos for awhile. So, this is a collection of images from the past couple of months -- musicians (Ladyscissors, Phox, Mary Bue, Stephanie Rearick, Ritt Deitz, VO5), arty shots, some family and portrait shots and a still from a music video I'm working on for Mary Bue.

Here's Mary Bue's video for Veal:

Monica Martin - Capitol Theater - Madison, WI
Crown Town
Cross in south eastern Wisconsin
Ritt Deitz
Ballroom Balance Class
Stephanie Rearick - Mutual Aid Network
Jason Kaye - Phox
Phox - trumpet
Mary Bue
VO5 - Dane Dances
VO5 - Dane Dances
Mother and son running for fun
Young cows in a field with rising moon. Veal.