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Epic Family Shoot

Another great family shoot! This included a new challenge for me. Dogs. I've taken lots of pictures of dogs over time. Mainly family dogs - Snitzel and Isis. But I never attempted to include a dog in a family portrait! Until now. [more]

3 Generations

This was my first real family shoot. This was neat because it was three generations: Mother, daughter and grand-daughter. We met up at Tenney Park and spent about an hour and a half walking through the park and out onto the breakwater. It is so cool to meet people in this context and to be able to see the familial bonds. The light was beautiful and I'm really happy with how the photos turned out. [more]

Holland Michigan Vacation

I went on a family vacation at the beginning of the summer. We enjoyed a week in and around Holland, Michigan. Hiking, biking, beaching, badminton, food, books, ping pong, hot tub and lots of time to visit with each other. My nephew and niece both like being photographed so I practiced portraits of them and just shot whatever interested me. Here's a few that I like best. [more]


Alzette turns two

Always up for something new, I was really excited when my friend, Julie, asked me to come over and take some photos of her two year old, Alzette. I studied up beforehand on the ins and outs of shooting kids this age. I'm glad I did because I probably would have run into trouble otherwise. [more]

Slam Up Tour

A few months back, Slam Up Tour played at Mother Fools. While setting up for their show they were bemoaning their lack of good publicity shots. So of course I offered to do a photo shoot with them the following day. [more]

My First Show

I'm pretty excited about my upcoming show at Mother Fool's. It's basically portraits. Some cats, some candids, some landscapes... But mainly portraits of people. Most of the show will be printed on white aluminum with a glossy finish. It has been difficult to decide what to include and in what sizes. But, I finally did make decisions and placed the order yesterday. [more]

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