My First Show

I'm pretty excited about my upcoming show at Mother Fool's.

It's basically portraits. Some cats, some candids, some landscapes... But mainly portraits of people. Most of the show will be printed on white aluminum with a glossy finish. It has been difficult to decide what to include and in what sizes. But, I finally did make decisions and placed the order yesterday.

Stop by and take a look. It'll be up from May 28 - June 30. Mother Fool's is at 1101 Williamson St., Madison.

There will be a reception on Sunday, June 29 from 6 - 8 pm.

Elli Perry
Ann Filmer
Debbie + Ani
New Orleans Cat
Stephanie and Nicole
Debbie Sweeps
Nikki Cleans The Screens
Grandma Star
Yahara River
Kristin Sunset
9th Ward
Children at reception

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