Physical Therapy Website Shoot

My massage therapist, Susan Frikken of Yahara Therapy, asked me to help her with photos for her new website.

The shoot took place at two locations on two different days.

The first session was at Ford's Gym with Jill as our model. Susan directed her through a series of physical therapy exercises as I photographed the action. The sunlight was really lovely coming though windows set high in the walls. With all the mirrors of the gym reflecting sunlight plus the interior lighting I had no trouble getting good exposure. The gym has nice blue mats which added a nice touch.

For the second shoot, Susan lined up three models, Carlos, Missy and Ingrid. This took place at her home office. The lighting was a little trickier so I brought a reflector and got creative with the overheads and available lamps. The dark green walls provided a nice background as Susan demonstrated various therapy techniques with the models. We worked fast and ended up with some really nice photos for her website.

See them in action at

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